About Islesboro

Islesboro is an island in Penobscot bay. On the mainland to the west is Camden, and to the east, Castine. Because Islesboro is fourteen miles long and less than three miles wide at its widest, every spot on the island is close to the sea, and wonderful views pop up everywhere.

The island is served by a Maine state ferry which runs hourly from early morning to late afternoon during peak months, and less frequently during the off-season. The crossing to Islesboro from Lincolnville Beach is three miles and takes about twenty minutes. In addition a private water taxi is available for evening trips to the mainland.

At the southern end of the island lies Dark Harbor, one of America’s oldest and richest summer colonies. The island’s northern end is known as Pripet, a modest and picturesque Maine coastal town. In the middle are “the narrows,” where the island is only a few hundred feet wide.

The year-round population of Islesboro is 600; the summer population, several times that figure. The island has a number of public beaches and parks, a nature preserve with picturesque trails and great views, and miles of paved roads ideal for cycling. There is also a nine-hole golf course which non-members may use for a fee. (Call ahead!)

There are two general stores providing a full array of groceries, deli products, fresh meat and fish, and wine and spirits. The restaurant scene changes from season to season, but there are always two or three dining options available. The Dark Harbor Shop serves sandwiches and ice-cream, and provides magazines and daily newspapers, including The New York Times, The Boston Globe, and The Wall Street Journal. Also in Dark Harbor are a bookstore, an auto mechanic, and a community center.

Throughout the summer, the island is the scene of various festivals and social events, including a quilt show, a dog show, and community barbecues. There are also various weekly lectures and musical performances at the Historical Center, the Up Island Church, and the Kinnicott Center. Regular sports and nature programs are available for children.

The health center is staffed by medical professionals, and a volunteer ambulance service provides assistance in case of medical emergencies.

There are also weekly religious services—Catholic and Protestant—provided by three island churches.










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